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Mod: Wynne Replacement Morph

Wynne Replacement Morph

Replacement morph for Wynne. Comes in three variations:
  • Natural Wynne - rounder face, more bulbous nose, more wrinkles, very little makeup.
  • More Makeup Wynne - narrower face, more refined nose and features, less wrinkles, natural-colored make-up for face enhancement.
  • Younger Wynne - BY REQUEST. The facial structure of More Makeup Wynne (slimmed down, refined) with light, natural-colored makeup, blended skintone and dark blonde hair.

All variations come with either: (a) the bun with the loose bangs OR (b) Wynne's original hair (the little ponytail).

Place ONLY ONE hf_genfl_wynne.mor into your Bioware --> Dragon Age --> packages --> core --> override folder.

Remove hf_genfl_wynne.mor from your override folder.

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