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Companion morphs for Leliana, Zevran and Morrigan.

These are three custom face morphs for Leliana, Zevran and Morrigan.  The changes are subtle and cosmetic; most changes were made to balance out the vanilla!game's wonky and cartoony facial proportions and to skin blending, to make the faces look more realistic and detailed.

Major Features:
  • More proportional, balanced, refined features for all
  • Blended skintone for Zevran: less splotchy, rough complexion
  • Blended skintones for Leliana and Morrigan: for more realistic appearance

ORIGINAL MORRIGAN                              MODDED MORRIGAN

MODDED ZEVRAN                                                                        ORIGINAL ZEVRAN

MODDED LELIANA                                                                        ORIGINAL LELIANA

More Previews:

Zevran: 1 || 2
Morrigan: 1 || 2
Leliana: 1 || 2

Read Me.txt and install instructions included in the download.

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